Saturday, June 13, 2009

W, X, Y, Z

Whistle Tone-verb- The rare gift of singing notes above the soprano high C. This random-act-of-fierceness is almost always an expensive way of showcasing one's self. Whistle tones are almost always described as savage.
MT: I cannot believe his savage whistle tones. He got those notes past a G7.

Work!-compliment- This is a phrase used as a compliment shouted during/after a performance (preferably in a cabaret setting.) This phrase, borrowed from the Fashion World, is a truncated version of the phrase "You Better Work!" Literally meaning "do work" or "you are working the hell out of this song", this phrase carries a certain weight of tranny sass.
Gay MT Boy: Soooo fi-yerce! WORK!

Warm Mix
-adverbial phrase- The highest compliment to be paid towards a woman's
mixed voice. The word warm implicates both her tonal quality and thorough vocal
preparedness when warming up.
Lenny: Amanda, how is your mix tonight?
Amanda: My mix is so warm.

Wig Prep-noun- The entertaining placement of a stocking cap and many bobby pins in
one's hair to prepare for a wig. Before a wig is placed ontop of wig prep it carries the
appearance of a bald head.
"I love seeing all of the Chorines walking around Time's Square in make-up and wig
prep on a 2 show day. It reminds me that they're real."

West End- London's version of Broadway. Shows that do well on one side of the pond
will often transfer to great success or great failure.
Harry: I'm so glad people on the West End actually "understood" Caroline, or Change.
Bob: I know, that's so surprising considering it's an American musical-operetta!

YAS!- compliment- Very similar to "work", this is another MT affirmation to be shouted at cabaret events. This derivative of the word "yes" is given slightly more MT meaning by the gayification of the vowel "e" from the rounded "eh" sound to the flattened "a".
Celie: [singing with options-up] I'm gonna SING OUT SING OUT!!
Gayest MT: Yas! Work!

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