Saturday, June 13, 2009


Red-Face- noun- When someone is belting so intensely their entire face/neck turns a shade of red.
I love when she belts, you can always see her belt-vein and she gets the BEST red-face ever.

- saying- This phrase can be used as either a compliment or an insult. It is in reference to "selling it." If used as a compliment it means that you have gone shopping, had someone sell it, you bought it, you're satisfied and you don't need a receipt. If used as an insult it means that you have gone shopping, had someone try to sell it, but now you want your money back.
1. Whenever I hear Norm Lewis, I swear I don't need a receipt.
2. How could Huey crack in his HEAD VOICE? Ugh, I need a receipt.
3. Aw, look how hard she's trying to sell it...but I'm not buying it, gimme a receipt.

- noun- Shows in which MT's with legit voices drool over. A chance for shows
to take a second chance with on Broadway.
There needs to be a revival of Showboat. There is NOTHING on Broadway right now
for a true soprano.

Ricola-noun- A lozenge with a funny name, usually consumed in conjunction with
throat coat.
"I love saying the word ricola. Ricola ricola ricola ricola. Teehee!"'

Riff- noun- Vocal ornamentations on a melody. In recent years, riffing has come to be
expected of most respectable MT's. While riffing is often confused with vocal melisma,
they are generally lumped together in the same category. The mark of a skilled MT
Riffer, however, is properly negotiating the location and amount of riffs in one
performance. Less is more.
That bitch who played Effie riffed so much I can't even sing you one melody from that
I'm so bad at riffing. Sometimes I wish I were black!

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