Saturday, June 13, 2009


Accountant-noun- A person studying or pursuing musical theatre who would be better suited in another non-artistic profession (i.e. accountant)
College MT: How many MT's are there in your class?
College MT 2: We have 40 MT's, but half of them are accountants.

-adjective- A Black actress who specializes in roles originally portrayed by white
actresses. Usually a beautiful, classically trained soprano. Origin: Audra McDonald
"Why did they send Maya in for Purlie? She's way too Audra for that part."

Annie- noun- Any actor under the age of 14 in a production with you. This term applies to both boys and girls.
Actor: Hey, Annie!
Child Actor: My name's Joe and I'm playing the Artful Dodger.
Actor: I don't give a fuck what your name is, just don't step on my LaDucas again.

Antoinette Perry-noun- Specifically the "Antoinette Perry Awards", otherwise known
as the Tonys. An annual awards show, considered the Academy Awards of the theatre
world. Due to the proximity of Broadway actors to each other, the Tony Awards carries
a tone of celebration of theatre rather than a competition. In recent years, the Tonys
have taken on tranny nominating and awarding practices, often with loud shows
winning over meatier, artistic fare.
1. Watching the Tonys every year is like having a huge buffet that gives you the runs.
2. I can't believe all three Billy's were nominated for an Antoinette Perry. That's the
opposite of a brills decision.
3. My goals in life are to: own my home, have a baby, and win a Tony.

ASM-noun- Abbreviation: assistant stage manager. Otherwise known as "Baby
Lesbians in a Power Struggle."

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