Saturday, June 13, 2009


Vape-noun- For those rastafarian MT's who partake of the Mary Jane, the vaporizer is the consummate manner with which to consume it. By turning the cannabis plant into vapor, one can consume the chemicals without the throat scorching pipe; thus, omitting severe vocal damage from smoking. Vaporizers are usually purchased on Ebay and anyone who owns one canbe intantly labled a "Pot-Head MT."
1.MT 1: What do method in actors in HAIR do?
2. We have all of this ganj, but I left my vape on Long Island.
3. Pot-Head MT: Do you wanna smoke?
Pot-Head MT 2: No, I only vape. Vocal damage is cumulative.

Vibrato-noun- Oftentimes abbreviated as "vibrats", vibrato is the basic tenet of a skilled
singer. While even vibrato can do wonders for a skilled actress with a gentle tone,
uneven or abrasive vibrato can be cringe inducing. Musical theatre is an art form that
capitalizes on copious vibrato and many different types can be found in one show
alone. Carolee Carmello exhibits fast, but wide vibrato that some find sheep-like but
others find complement her limitless belt range.

Vocal Rest-noun- After vocal marathons (singing the score of Les Mis, Carousel, or anything written after 1983) when someone must refrain from speaking and/or singing to conserve their voice until their next performance. By resting their chords, they are hoping to heal any vocal damage done by over-use. A runner will be tired after a marathon, and so will your voice so even MT's with proper vocal production are encouraged to use their voice wisely. To avoid having to go on vocal rest, MT's should mark or mix whenever they can.
1. We ran through "Make Our Garden Grow" so many times last rehearsal, our entire ensemble is on vocal rest.
2. There's no way Sarah could be on vocal rest, she has five lines. She's just doing it because it's trendy

Vibratress-noun- Abbreviation: Beltress with Vibrato. Describes MT actress who is categorized not only by her high belt, but also her accompanying vibrato. This usually has to do with the speed, tone, or width of vibrato.
Carolee Carmello is probably the most distinct vibratress I can think of. Ooh, and there's Stephanie J. Block singing "Don't Rain on My Parade" on Broadway Unplugged


  1. First, can I just say that I am OBSESSED with this blog and will be checking back frequently to see what other gems have been added to the list. This made my night.

    I would like to add a term, well piggy-back off of a term, I guess. VIBRATRESS. You get it; a combination of the beltress, but with a heavy emphasis on the vibrato. Stephanie J. Block would be a good example of this (especially if you've heard her rendition of "Don't Rain On My Parade" from 2004's Broadway Unplugged).

    Thank you for all of the late night giggles. Keep up the good work!


  2. Donnell,

    We got your e-mail! We'll get it in when we can!

    Love and Laducas,


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