Saturday, June 13, 2009


"On That Stage"-saying- When you don't want to be mean about an obviously terrible performance, but the person being "on that stage" is the ONLY nice thing you can say.
Meg: How was KiKi in H.M.S. Pinafore?
Abby: Um...she was... on that stage.

- adjective- MT things that are not as well known, particularly referring to shows and audition songs. When choosing audition material MT's like to shy away from overdone songs and choose material from substantial, yet lesser known musicals. Obscure musicals are usually flops my major composers, trunk songs, or music by young composers. Think: indie MT.
Person 1: Give me some obscure things.
Person 2: Ugh! You know I hate this, um: Sisterella , In Trousers by William Finn and The Boys from Syracuse.

- verb-When an actor or actress is singing too intensely for a given part. Contrary to popular belief not all characters in musicals are meant to sing particularly well. While it is certainly expected for all MT's to match pitches during a show, it is not necessary for each not to be flooded with vibrato.
I hope this actress playing Desiree in Night Music does not oversing it. I'll die.

-noun- After the workshop period, when a Broadway show
relocates to another urban metropolis to fine-tune their show. 2. A chance for
message-board-hounding-theatre queens to badmouth a show before it is reviewed
by skilled journalists.
I understand why Sondheim has lost faith in the out-of-town-tryout. Who can improve a show if there mistakes will be on Youtube in ten minutes?

OBC- Abbreviation: Original Broadway Cast. Usually applied to cast abums, OBC
refers to anything pertaining to the original cast of a Broadway musical.
"My dream is to be in the OBC of a musical. I'd give my nipples to create a role."

Option Up- verb- The phenomenal action of altering a melody for a higher note. If a
beltress takes the fifth scale degree instead of the third scale degree on the cut-off that
is considered an option-up. Not to be confused with riffing, optioning up is another
fierce way for beltresses to lord their voices over us.
"I saw Brynn as the Narrator in Joseph...; she optioned up EVERYTHING!"
"Oh my fucking goodness, Stephanie J. Block just optioned up on "Get Out and Stay Out!" BBM EVERYONE YOU KNOW."

Outer Critics Circle- Groups/Organization- A nominating and awards committee that
often makes confounding choices.
Person 1: Did you read about the Outer Critics Nominations?
Person 2: I'd rather not.

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