Saturday, June 13, 2009


EMC-noun- When a non-equity performer has worked in an equity theatre, they can accumulate points that earn them the title of "Equity Membership Candidate." After filling out a form and paying a $100 fee, they receive a card that may or may not get them into equity auditions and allows them to pee in the equity building. That's about it.
1. Actor 1: (in the equity building bathroom) OMG! It is so great to see you again! Are you Equity now?
Actor 2: no, I'm EMC.
Actor 1: Hey what number are you?
Actor 2: ...I'm on the EMC waiting list.

Equity Cot-noun- A backstage cot required by Actor's Equity Association "for any Actor who may become ill during a rehearsal or performance"
Informally, it is a place for Showmances to be consummated, and for others to sleep during their "Equity 15"
I wouldn't nap on the Equity-Cot if I were you- do you know how many showmances have been on there?!

"Effie We All Got Pain"-saying- Response to a costar when he/she is throwing tons of diva comments your way. A reference to the musical Dreamgirls when Effie White's laundry-lists of excuses are met with this statement. The point being: you have struggles, so do we.
Diva: My Laduca Strap broke, I'm not warm yet, and if they make me wear this bullshit costume I'm going to flip.
Smart Actor: Effie, we all got pain.

Entrance Applause-verb- The mark of a true star or dame. Thunderous applause at the sight or first sound of the biggest star in the show.
1. Lupone's entrance applause in GYPSY, was so long I thought we were actually at a race riot.
2. Leticia: Do we really have to give this eighteenth Elphaba entrance applause? She ain't no dame.
Hannah: Yes.
3. I always give entrance applause when watching the 1999 Annie remake.

Extra-adjective or verb- When someone is going above and beyond the call of duty in the worst way. Specifically describes something one does either onstage or off (can include riffs, offhanded comments, an unchoreographed triple pirouette etc.) that are just "too much" and are deemed extra.
1. Chelsea: Did you hear Shannon belting down the hallway between classes?
Dan: Yeah, girl, that was extra.
2. Remember when we thought she was fierce? Now she's just so extra.
3. Being a charachter actress is soooo hard. It's not easy finding the perfect balance between hilar and "extra."
4. We get it, Lindsey, you can dance. The fact that you always stand in fourth position is JUST EXTRA!

Expensive-adjective- A rare, but amazing occurrence of something so extra but so jaw-dropping, its deemed "expensive."
Mike: Wow! Her riffs in "I know the truth" were sooo unecessary..."
Corbin: But SO expensive.

- noun- A made up word that denotes a member of a show's ensemble.
There are many types of esnemblist (particularly the Leading Black Ensemblist) that
are recurring themes in most Broadway enembles. Ensemblists have thankless jobs in
that they often play a carousel of characters and share a communal dressing area.
However, it is the job of the ensemblist to find ways to have individual characterization
and purpose. This can prove fun for fierce ensemblists.
I love Les Mis because it has some prime opportunities for some fierce ensemblists.

Equity 15-noun- A fifteen minute break regulated by Actor's Equity Association. No
matter what is occuring during rehearsals, actors must take a fifteen minute break. 2.
Informally, it is a funny saying by MT's when rehearsals seem tedious or endless.
"How long have we been here? I need my Equity 15."

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