Saturday, June 13, 2009


Living- verb- When an MT is so fierce and so natural in their role it as if no acting is involved; they are simply living in their part.
I swear to God A-Rip isn't acting in Next to Normal. She's living up there at the Booth.

-noun- The nonpareil designers of women's character shoes. These shoes
feature the support of a sturdy heel with a softer, malleable sole perfect for dancing
and other stage business. Moreover, these are the ļ¬ercest shoes that any woman can
ever put on her feet. The ferocity of LaDuca shoes transcends cast dividends: from
ingenues to ensemblists, character actresses to chorines these shoes take any
ordinary woman and makes them an MT. If you don't have LaDucas and you're
reading this, I have no respect for you.
I always keep my rehearsal bag stocked: throat coat, nude tights, my book and my
Laducas. I'd never go anywhere unprepared.

Leading Black Ensemblist- noun- A staple in almost every Broadway show, the
Leading Black Ensemblist is a Black person (male or female) who is the only person of
ethnicity in the show. Time, place, and political correctness seldom factor into the
casting of the leading black ensemblist. Because black people tend to have
phenomenal voices and more vibrant stage presence usually many of the ensemble
solos are delegated to the Leading Black Ensemblist. Leading Black Ensemblists
usually take the extremely high and low parts during vocal arrangements, option up
when necessary, and deliver most lines with sass.
I saw 9 to 5 recently and they had more than one Black Ensemblist. Maia Nkenge
Wilson was totes the Leading Black Ensemblist though, I mean she was in the Color

Line Reading- verb- When an MT says something that sounds as if it could have been
from a play or musical although it is not.
Jordan: I've worked so hard for all of these things. And now I have them.
Ben: That was such a line reading.

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