Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tone Deaf- adjective- Someone who has zero concept of pitches.
Will: Even with a two-octave bell tone, she came in a third below the pitch.
Kristin: Bitch is Tone Deaf!

- noun- Formally, a theatre technician. In professional theatre: the only straight men backstage. 2. In high school theatre, techies are wierd, long haird awkward teens who enjoy anime, World of Warcraft, and wearing black. Because of this affinity for dark attire and the inclusion of the theatre, they gravitate to being backstage technicians. Techies favorite shows usually include The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sweeney Todd, and Blood Brothers-- any show in which the characters have avant-garde like tendencies. Furthermore, techies are an integral part of the theatre and without them we'd be belting in our living rooms.
Nick: That techie with the lip ring is kind of hot. He can follow my spot, anyday.
Holly: Ew.

The TriBelters-noun- The Holy Trinity of Belters comprised of: Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, and Liza Minelli. The Tri-Belters are categorized not only by of their high belt, but also by their showbiz endurance, relationships with composers, accessibility by non-MT's, drug habits, number of divorces, and diva status. TriBelters do no wrong in the minds of MT's, ergo any amount of warble, pitchiness, and vowel modification is overshadowed by there sheer legend.
I literally spend hours on the Tubes looking at videos of the TriBelters! I dare you to think of a better way to spend a day!!

[tos]-y-adjective- The cult following of the short-lived, but brills and completely original Broadway musical [title of show]. Describes MT behaviour that is deliciously self-referential, knowledgeable, and quippy. [tos]-ers speak with rapid fire pace and usually have an extensive knowledge of short-lived and obscure musicals (i.e. Drat the Cat, Prettybelle, Dear Edwina, and Marylin: A Fable)
Matt: I got seventeen new playbills at the Broadway Flea Market yesterday. I even got Barbra's debut playbill from I Can Get it for You Wholesale.
Kathryn: That was so unbelievably [tos]-y, I think you just got Susan Blackwell preggers.

The Trifecta-noun- The "Ivy Leagues" of Musical Theatre Colleges that is comprised of: CCM, UMich, and Carns. Although these reputable schools currently sit at the top of the college-MT throne, remember that no one in the Tony-winning cast of Next to Normal attended any of these schools (moral: fierceness is not measured by matriculation alone.)
1. Person 1: Are you auditioning places?
Person 2: Yeah, I'm doing the trifecta and some other fierce programs.
Person 1: Good luck.

Throat Coat
-noun- A miracle tea (made of organic herbs and ecchinassia) that will
turn a hoarse, scratchy voice into Patti-esque vocals. "I shouldn't have partied last
night. I'm spending all morning with my lozenges and throat coat."

-noun- This is a reference to little gay boys who are skinny, speak in a female's octave, and idolize the tri-belters ( Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand , and Patti LuPone) They frequent the gay bars and would look gorgeous as a tranny. There is no hiding the fact that they are the gayest when in an audition room. While usually cute, high tenors, and kick-your-face dancers, twinks have a hard time being believable leading men so they are usually delegated to being career ensemblists.

Triple Threat- noun- One who is equally proficient at singing, dancing acting. Said to
have begun with Michael Bennett's A Chorus Line (and the extinction of separate
singing and dancing choruses), many claim to be triple threats but often should be
classified as single or double threats instead. "Lizzie thinks she's a triple threat but she
reads as more of an "dancer/actress."

Totes-saying- Abbreviation: totally. Much like the word "fierce", this word means
everything and nothing simultaneously. A conveniently malleable word, it can be used
as affirmation, compliment, or conversation filler for worthless conversation. i.e.,
Darren: Meet me in five minutes.
Joe: Totes.

Lisa: I can't handle learning Shakespeare and JRB by tomorrow night.
Kelly: Totes.

Jonny: How many costume changes do you have?
Liam: Totes

Tech Week-noun- A hellish time in which one learns to hate the entrappings of a
"If belting a string of E flats doesn't kill me, tech week will."

Timing-noun- A lost art form in which actors and actressess of stage used the
audience, libretto, and costar as a cognizant machine of comedy. Timing could elevate
the simplest of lines from funny to hysterical. Examples of actresses with great timing:
Elaine Stritch, Dororthy Loudon, Bea Arthur.
"I have never seen anyone own an audience as well as Elaine Stritch. Her timing is

Tableaux-verb- The excruciating task of actors to freeze in a still position to represeant
a tableaux vivant (living picture). It is often a tradition of actor's facing toward upstage
to make other actor's laugh or "break character" during tableaux.
"When I played Yvonne in Sunday in the Park with George I found standing in tableaux
to be the hardest part of that role."

Theatre-in-the-Round-noun- Theatre in which at least fifty people are staring at your
butt at any given time. (Abbreviated as "in the round)
"No more cheetos for me! We're doing Falsettoland in the round."

TV/Film-adjective- Moments in which bawdy theatrical tactics are traded for
understated smaller approach.
That line reading was soooo tv/film. You better play to the back of the house next time.

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