Saturday, June 13, 2009


Marking- verb- To perform something with half-energy to conserve stamina for real performances. Examples of marking: mixing instead of belting, single pirouette instead of a triple. Marking should be done in rehearsals EXCLUSIVELY and are usually delegated to Tech Rehearsals where an MT can perform one number many, many times.
1. Choreographer: I need full-out, no marking. Splatty belts and ceiling-high fan kicks--I am serious.
2. Was that a joke? It sounded like she was marking the whole show.
3. Person 1: I was thinking about marking this rehearsal.
Person 2: Don't.

Method- noun- Actors who find depth in their character by living lives similar to their
characters. For instance, an MT playing Eliza Doolittle may try selling things on the
street or speaking in a cockney accent while offstage. Method acting is considered
overly extreme and if you are a method actor, others will judge you.
"Should we practice kissing? I'm method."

Mic Pac
- noun- A small black box that you clip onto your braissere or dance belt that
controls your wireless mic. Oftentimes mic pacs are wrapped in rubber gloves or
condoms as to avoid being damaged by body sweat.
"I was so worried that my mic pac was on when I went to poop during Act II."

"My Book"-noun- A sturdy three-inch binder filled with an actor/actresses headshots,
monologue options, and ample audition songs. MT's are always searching for new,
obscure songs to be added to "their book."
I just listened to House of Flowers. So many good songs for my book!

The Mask-noun- the location of ultimate placement.
Audra McDonald practically LIVES in the mask. Her tone is phenomenal.

Mangenue- noun- The male equivalent of an ingenue. These are tall, handsome men
(usually baritone) that although oozing sex appeal and chemistry, will always choose
a male chorine over their ingenue costar.
Have you seen Aaron Tveit? I've never seen such a mangenue in my life!

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