Saturday, June 13, 2009


Underacting-verb- When an actor thinks that they are using subtle acting tactics, but in reality they are simply not emoting.
Actor: Did you like my really subtle portrayal then. I didn't want to play it really weepy-whiney-over-the-top.
Director: Quite frankly, I thought you were underacting it. You DEFINITELY need to shed a few tears.

- Public Figure- Specifically Uta Hagen. Unlike other historic theatre teachers
(Stanislavski, Meisner, etc.) Uta is referred to mainly by her first name. An actress in
works such as Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Uta's teachings emphasize
preparedness and strong character study. Her book "Respect for Acting" is a must-
read for MT's of the Guettel Generation.
I've done, like, three character journals already. I'm a disciple of Uta.

Unreal-adjective- Compliment used when one cannot believe the performance they
have just seen. In their eyes, it is too good to be real.

Unreal. When she slid up to that e-flat. Just unreal.

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  1. Under the U category, you overlooked "Up in One" meaning: (1) -noun- performing downstage in the center position; "Solos are most often delivered up in one": (2) -noun- the title of a 1979 musical revue starring Peter Allen, and the inspiration for his musical biography, THE BOY FROM OZ.

    You might find it interesting to read TH PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN by Simon Winchester, about the creation of The Oxford Dictionary by many contributors. I myself was involved in the creation of THE LANGUAGE OF SPORT by Tim Considine (yes, the Disney star) about the linguistics surrounding five sports: Football, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Soccer.

    I know it would seem to be an aberation that a Broadway Queen would would understand, or be interested in sports. My career, however, has been in providing factual and historical research for motion pictures and television programs. So it actually makes perfect sense, since I have to know something about almost everything to do my job so well.

    In any case as I read throught your entries I may be able to pass along definitions for you to add to make it a more comprehensive list, if you like.

    As a reasearcher I understand the need for such acurate and factually correct information.

    Good Luck wiith you project.


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