Saturday, June 13, 2009


Next Stop B-way-adjective- A phrase of duplicitous uses. It can be used to describe
phenomenal performances or it can be said sarcastically to insult horrible, yet earnest
Complimenting Person: She blew me away as Martha in Secret Garden! Literally next stop b'way!
Insulting Person: How much did we love that heady-mixer Fantine? Next stop b'way! (laugh)

Nodesy-adjective- When describing someone's voice, alluding to the fact that they may have nodes (vocal nodules) due to improper vocal production.
1. I loved Tonya Pinkins in Caroline, or Change, but at the end of her run she was sounding really nodesy.
2. Eleanor: You sound an awful lot like Billy Porter...when he wasn't so nodesy.

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