Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ingenue-noun- An actress who usually portrays beautiful leading ladies. Ingenues
frequently are sopranos who operate mostly in their head voice. Oftentimes ingenues
have pretty songs, but little-to-no charachter arc.
I'd much rather play Lovett than Johanna, even though Johanna is the ingenue.

"I Want" Song-noun- Song in the first act in which the main character expresses all of
the things that they would like to accomplish in their liftetime (which usually means the
end of Act II)
"I Want More" from that flop musical Lestat is my favorite combination of an "I Want
Song" and an 11 o'clock number!"

Inseam-noun- Formally the length from the base of one's crotch to their ankles. Used
by costume designers to provide proper fit for costume pants. 2. Informally, a very
awkward place for someone to measure.
When Nancy measured me for inseam, I could've sworn she was looking at my

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