Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dish- noun- Any insider information or knowledge pertaining to anything theatre; interesting gossip. Literally: "dish out the news." 2. The adjective for "dishy' denotes something of a gossip-y nature.
1. MT 1: Did you see the pictures of Audra and Will Swenson on the red carpet?
MT 2: Yeah, I thought she was married.
MT 1: Not anymore.
MT 2: Dish!
2. I just heard about the Christian-Sutt-LBB love triangle. So dishy!
3. I need to hear the dish from last night's cast party...

Dancer-Dancer- noun- A person who dances so fiercely that they must be defined by saying the word twice. Dancer-dancers always go to a dance call over a singing call, and tend to reside in the ensemble of a show.
Dancer 1: That girl has the fiercest LaDucas...they must be custom made..
Dancer 2: Yeah. I mean, she IS a Dancer-dancer.

-adjective- A term used during moments of extreme exasperation and fatigue. Overdramatic MT's will break out this word during moments of slight annoyance with their present situation, literally they are growing old, slowly dying and being dust covered: dusty.
"Why did I come to this open call, I've been waiting to be seen for 3 hours! I am soooo DUSTY!"

Downstage Center- noun- The single most desired position on a stage. MT's with egos will try anything in their might to move as close to downstage center during dance numbers, tableaux, and ensemble numbers. Remaining downstage center almost always ensures that an actor will be in the production photos, which is brills.
1. "Andrew, if you upstage me to get to downstage center again I will shove my Laduca so far up your ass!"
2. "That Leading Black Ensemblist basically
lived downstage center. She better work!"

Dancing Chorus
- noun- Antiquated system in which dancers were required primarily
to dance and rarely sang and weren't required to act or understudy.
"Fuck, I wish there were still dancing choruses. I'd be booking jobs left and right."

Dance Call-noun- After the initial audition, this is where Sondheim Actressess
humiliate themselves. 2. A chance to show off your new LaDucas.
Sondheim Actress: I heard the words "Dance Call" and I nearly pooped.

Dance Break- noun- Opportunity for fouettes.

Dance Belt-noun- Male dance underwear designed to provide optimum support in the
genitalia and eliminate underwear lines 2. A view into female life that even gay men
do not enjoy.
Choreographer: I don't want to see any more full-back dance belts! Get the ones with
the strings!

Dead Eyes-none or adjective- One of the most assaulting actions to be witnessed onstage. "Dead Eyes" describes a person who lacks any energy or activity in their face (especially eyes) while onstage. Beware, MT's, vivacious and gregarious persons off-stage can still be guilty of dead eyes onstage and if you have a friend who suffers from dead eyes please let them know.
1. I'm obsessed with Everett, but when he's onstage he's always giving me Dead Eyes.
2. Her voice is soooo pretty but I can't get over her dead eyes.

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  1. In the D category you overlook "Deus ex Machina" a term from Greek Theater literally translated meaning "God from the Machine." used because a God would often descend from above by a pully system and resolve the complications of the play's storyline. It has been used in modern theater to describe a contrived ending to a rather inane play where some character enters and explains everything fo the audience as well as the other characters. "The detective in many drawing mysteries enters Deus ex Machina to reveal the motive and manner of the crime and name the murderer."


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