Saturday, June 13, 2009


Golden Microphone-noun- The handiwork of an especially skilled sound designer, a golden microphone is a mic with lots and lots of "reverb". This provides the person singing with fantastic acoustics, and an overall fuller sound. A golden microphone can take an average singer, and with the proper mixing make them sound phenomenal.
MT 1: Wooh, Jessie sounded really good tonight.
MT 2: That's what you think! I know a golden mic when I hear one.

- noun- 1. Arguably the musical with the best book, score, and lyrics that should be revived every 5 years on Broadway (next starring Mary Testa) 2. a Broadway actor who has appeared in numerous ensembles. Prominent enemblists may receive the "Gypsy Robe", one of Broadway's longest traditions.
Sometimes I think I'm a leading lady, but sometimes I think I'm destined to be a Gypsy roaming from ensemble to ensemble.

Golden Age
-noun- A time where musicals had full orchestras, overtures, genius
scores, two choruses and were as abundant as today's reality television shows.
Speci´Čücally the period of time during the early 20th century in which composers such as Harold
Arlen, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein Jerry Bock, Sheldon
Harnick, Lorenz Hart, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, etc. ruled Broadway.

Green Room- location- A place where little MT babies are made. Formally, it is a
resting place for actors to rest in a common room setting. Informally it is a place for
ensemblists to exhibit their showmance by smooching on the couches.
If I catch Geg and Tanya making out in the Green Room one more time, I will take this
to Equity!"


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