Saturday, June 13, 2009


Headshots- noun- Glossy 8 x 10 photographs of the upper region of a person's body usually with resume stapled to it's back. While headshots were traditionally black and white, due to the popular cross over to tv/film, headshots are now heavily photoshopped and taken in color and usually feature white, brick, or natural background settings.
1. Have you seen her headshots? They're so good, it looks nothing like her.
2. Hey, help me figure out which headshot to send in: the smiley one or the serious one.

- noun- An MT who is especially proficient at tapping. This, however, is not to be confused with hooves (which, as we know, are the brainchild of Satan)
Hoofer: I'm so excited to audition for our next season. 42nd Street, Anything Goes, and Stepping Out. Such a Hoofer season.

Handsy-adjective- Describes someone who uses their hands to excruciating degrees during song performance, always annoyingly. A handsy person will almost always point to their heart on the word "love", point to themselves on the lyric "me" and provide some hand motion for every downbeat.
I don't know why she thinks being handsy will distract from her dead eyes and heady mix.

Heady Mix-
adjective- the worst possible placement. Teenage girls are frequently
guilty of employing heady mixes when their chest voices give out. This is a sure-fire
sign of an untrained singer. Heady-mixes are not to be confused with a gorge sop
(gorgeous soprano).
I want to murder ALL HEADY MIXERS.

Hal Prince-
Public Figure- U.S. theatrical producer and director; full name Harold Smith
Prince. Among the shows that he produced were Pajama Game (1954), West Side
Story (1957), Fiorello (1959), and Fiddler on the Roof (1964). Some that he also
directed included Cabaret (1966), Evita (1980), and Phantom of the Opera (1988).
Frequent collaborator of Stephen Sondheim. Definition of brills.

Hooves-trash- The bowel movement of theatrical footwear. Specifically one inch,
cross-strap, black character shoes frequented by middle school and high school
actresses. These shoes are only acceptable in the secondary school setting and
should be abandoned for LaDucas (or at least three-inch-Tstrap nude charachters)
upon higher MT education/professional work.
I was at a cattle call last week and there was, like, this twenty year old girl wearing
hooves. Next stop b'way!

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