Monday, June 15, 2009

Behold, The Musical Theatre Dictionary

We here at The MT Dictionary thought that it was about time someone collected all of the lingo that is used in theatrical communities into one place. Ergo, what we have done is provided loose definitions of the best/silliest/fiercest words into our unofficial quasi-alphabetized dictionary. The world of musical theatre is ever evolving, and we don't claim to have gotten it right on the first try--so please check up with us weekly to see what fun words we have come up with! Also, if you have any words you'd like to contribute or define feel free to drop us a comment here or at our official e-mail address (

Author's Note: If the names Elaine Stritch, William Finn, and Lillias White mean nothing to you, please leave immediately. Furthermore if you have never belted--leave now, this is NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. If you have never watched the Tony Awards, this screen will close immediately. (Okay, we aren't smart enough to do that but we WILL be getting some techies very soon. Ooooh, we should probably put "techie" into our dictionary.)

NEW WORDS: Back Phrasing, Belt-ologist, Sides, She-Tenor, Tone Deaf
(Updated Teusday, March 30-- 11.25 pm)

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