Saturday, June 13, 2009


Jawbrato-noun/verb- Describes a belter-screamer who chooses to accent their vibrato by visibly shaking their jaw up and down.
Morty: Babe, who is that singer friend of yours, the one who shakes when she sings? you know, the one with turrets or something?
Rosie:Oh, Morty, that's Cheryl, the gal who sings at the JCC. She doesn't have Tourret's Syndrome , you asshole, she just has a heavy jawbrato.

Jazz Square-choreography- The most insulting piece of dance to ever be given by a choreographer. A more simplified version of walking (instead of a straight line one merely crosses one leg over the over and repeats in a box formation), jazz squares are the last resort when choreographing a company of Sondheim/Character Actresses and barely-Fancers.
Sondheim Actress: Why is it that I can milk an entire 3-act play out of 16 bars, but I can't do a fucking Jazz Square? I'm too old for this shit.

Jukebox Musical
-noun- A musical that uses the songbook of a popular artist and
strings their popular hits together with anemic circumstances and sophomoric
dialogue. 2. trash onstage. 3. producers attempt at quick money 4.the humilation of
trained actors and actresses to be polished karaoke singers
The only good thing about jukebox musicals is that Lennon finally brought Julia
Murney to Broadway.

Jeakers-Abbreviation: Jazz sneakers.
For dance call: women please wear Laducas and men bring your jeakers, please.

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