Saturday, June 13, 2009

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16 Bar Cut- noun- This is the length of music most commonly requested for auditions. 16 bars usually amounts to 40 seconds in non-MT time. The phrase literally means sixteen measures of music (measures of music being identified by "bar lines".) Because of the extremely short length of the 16 bar cut, it is crucial for MT's to find audition material that showcases range, acting, and personality. When choosing audition material it should be noted that you NEVER SING A BALLAD WITHOUT HOPE. A 32-bar cut is simply double the amount of time of a sixteen bar cut--usually equaling over a minute in non-MT time.
1. I found this patter song, and the best part is that it makes a perfect sixteen bar cut!
2. Instead of two 32 bar cuts, they asked for three 16's! Makes no sense to me.
3. MT 1: My sixteen bar cut is actually 26 measures, do you think that's ok?
MT 2: Booboo, that's practically a 32.

11 O'Clock Number
-noun- The classic Broadway occurence in most shows in which
the entire show's themes are collected in one song and the central character makes a
change in front of the audience's eyes. The term is derived from the fact that during the
Golden Age of Broadway, shows had later starting times which means that the 11
O'clock Number would occur late in Act II which would typically coincide with 11 p.m.
Examples of 11 O'Clock Numbers include: Rose's Turn from Gypsy, Being Alive from
Company, and Lot's Wife from Caroline, or Change. People often confuse the 11
O'clock Number with other belty solo's sung by the show's lead. In Gypsy one may
think that "Everything's Coming Up Roses" could be the Eleven O'clock Number
(EON), but the themes of that song aren't consistent with that of an EON. Some tips in
deciphering an EON are: the meshing of the show's musical themes, a strong
downstage cross, and abundant crazy eyes.
It's a shame there aren't as many 11 O'Clock Numbers for men. I die.

2 Show Day- The hellish experience of selling a show twice in one day.

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