Saturday, June 13, 2009


Pageant Face- noun- When an MT girl is perpetually smiling on stage because of an initial background in beauty pageants. This smile is usually wide, toothy, forced, and is annoyingly present during ballads.
Cassie: I love when someone uses pageant face to sing "Anyone Can Whistle"
Rachel: Such pageant face.

Park and Bark
- verb -
Any performance where a performer thinks they are being "simple" and "honest" but are, in fact, just standing still and singing. Closely associated with Dead Eyes and Underacting.
Director: Are you gonna give us some subtext--anything? I'm tired of this fucking Park and Bark bullshit!

Phoning It In
- saying- When an MT gives a lackluster performance; marking when you
should be full voice. Origin: Performances so bland, they could be at home performing
over the phone.
" I saw Little Merms last week and there was this ensemblist who was phoning it in."
"They need to replace her, she's been in the show so long she's phoning it in."

Placement- noun- Locations of the voice. Excellent placement is the mark of a
phenomenal singer. Belters with fabulous placement include: Barbra (the placement
pioneer) and Norm Lewis (unreal male placement). Her voice is good but her placement is the struggle.

Production Stills- noun- Photos taken during performances. Because these are taken
without actors knowing these can often be during unflattering "belt faces"
Some production stills, however, capture perfect moments of theatre magic.
1. That production still of Meredith and BatBoy is amazing. It's going right outside the theatre.
2. You know you're an MT when half of your facebook friends have headshots and production stills as profile pictures.

Preview-noun- Broadway performances during a two week period before reviewers
are invited to pass judgement on well-meaning shows. MT's love preview
performances because it means the chance to see songs, scenes, and costumes that
could be cut before a show is "frozen."

1. I can't help but think I should be paying less for this performance, I mean it is a preview.
2. "Our Little World" is my favorite song cut from previews. I'm so glad it made its way into the revival!

Power Mixer
- noun or verb- Female MT's whose singing operates solely in their mixed voice. Even when their ranges can support singing in head or chest voice, Power Mixes ignore that and choose to mix everything. This gives the desired effect of having no break in one's voice and as of recent contemporary musical theatre composing Power Mixers have been in great demand. Beware, a Power Mixer can fool you into thinking that she is belting or using her head voice; but with a trained MT ear one can soon spot Power Mixers of all strength and quality.
1. Chris: I can't wait to hear Krysta Rodriguez power mix through the new Lippa Score.
2. Sarah: I've been trying to emulate Kelli O'Hara's
Piazza Power Mix since it was on Broadway.

Pingy- adjective- The fantastic result of ultra-forward mask placement. The term is derived from the resonant sound and sped of a person's vibrato. Imagine a pinball being tossed around a pinball machine at fast pace: that's pingy. (We get extra points for making you want to listen to Tommy)
Her belt is so pingy, her placement can cut diamonds.

Peanut Butter Tone- adjective- When a singer, usually female, sounds as if she has peanut butter spread on the roof of her soft pallet. This can be from vocal damage, strained voice, and improper technique. Peanut Butter Tone usually leads to tinfoil mixing.
I appreciate a unique voice, but I couldn't get past Heather Headley's peanut butter tone during the Dreamgirls Actor's Fund Recording.

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